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Rob of the River - Kayaker

HI, I'm Rob Protz, and one of the loves of my life is
whitewater kayaking. Come join me on this page and
experience a little of what whitewater is all about.

See You on the River!

"All of white-water sport involves being at one
with the power of flowing water. . ."
Wick Walker (pg 102) Courting the Diamond Sow

And I might add . . . paddling also involves having your boat become an extension of your body, and your paddle become an extension of your hands and arms! RMP

You might be a paddler if - - -

Just your basic boat escalator at Penrith!

Just a BAD kayak joke I found!

Two Eskimos sitting in a kayak were chilly;
but when they lit a fire in the craft, it sank,
proving once and for all that you can't have your
kayak and heat it too.

Wonder Falls on Big Sandy Creek in WV

Rob surfing a beautiful glassy standing wave on the New River in WV

Rob with friends near nice wave on the New River in WV

The New River Gorge Bridge near Fayetteville, WV

Rob (in orange kayak) with friends on Big Sandy Creek in WV

See a picture of Rob doing a rock-slide on Slippery Rock Creek(108K)
See a picture of Rob surfing on Slippery Rock Creek(127K)
See a picture of Rob running Cucumber Rapid on the Lower Yough(143K)

Image of Jan 9,'98 Flooding of Point State Park Fountain in PGH PA

See the AWA Safety Code

International Scale of River Difficulty
Class I: Beginner Easy. Few or no obstacles, small riffles, slow current.
Class II: Novice Moderate. Occasional obstacles, medium current, waves up to 3 feet, clear, wide channels. Some maneuvering is required.
Class III: Intermediate Difficult. Longer rapids with strong irregular currents and high irregular waves. Maneuvering required to avoid obstacles and through narrow channels. May require scouting from shore.
Class IV: Advanced Very Difficult. Steeper, longer, with numerous obstacles and constricted passages. Scouting from shore is often necessary. Rescue is difficult.
Class V: Expert Extremely Difficult. Consists of large vertical drops, strong hydraulics, and very swift, irregular currents in heavily obstructed channels. Very violent rapids which must be scouted from shore. Rescue is difficult with significant threat to life in the event of mishap.
Class VI: Crazed Team
of Experts
Ultimate Difficulty. Class V whitewater carried to the outer limits of navigability. Nearly impossible and very dangerous. Rescue is extremely difficult with extreme threat to life in the event of a mishap.

See "Rapid Anatomy" - a drawing by William Nealy


Kayak Rolling Primer #1
Kayak Rolling Primer #2
See an Animated GIF of Kayak Screw Roll
Self Rescue Links Page

Autumn on a small river


American Rivers
International Rivers Network
American Whitewater Affiliation
American Canoe Association


Three River Paddling Club of Pittsburgh
Canoe Cruisers Association of DC
Keel Haulers Canoe Club of northern Ohio
Lehigh Valley [PA] Canoe Club
UK Playboaters site


Riversport School of Paddling (My Original School)


See a great videoclip (MPG) of a Pool Session High Board Kayak Launch with Pop-up


Gorp -- Rodeo 101: A Primer of Hot Moves


River Maps by KHCC


Plastic Kayak and Canoe Welding Resources


  See and Read about British paddlers trips on Eastern US Rivers
See a Paddler's gallery
See the GREAT gallery from Canoe Cruisers Association of DC
See a gallery of Falls Runs
See a great kayaking gallery from David Taube
See a great collection of photos from the Ocoee River in TN by Greg Scott
See a great photo of a kayaker on the Nolichucky River in TN
See a nice photo of a drop on the Black River NY
See a great gallery of the Nolichucky River TN
See a great photo of a "Boat Flower" on the river
See a gorgeous photo of Blackwater Falls WV
See another photo of Blackwater Falls WV

Beautiful Ohiopyle Falls on the Youghiogheny River in Ohiopyle PA


Map of Fayette County PA

Ohiopyle Falls Race 2004 Pix Gallery
Ohiopyle Falls Race 2001
ACA Whitewater Open Canoe National Championships 2001

My links page for News Reports on Lower Yough Drownings in 2000
Read a Trip Report by a Paddler at One of the Drownings in 2000
AWA Report page on Dimple Rock

See the official Ohiopyle State Park Webpage
See an Ohiopyle Falls Gallery
Ohiopyle Photo Page (angelfire)
Ohiopyle Falls Race Cartoon
Read a description of the Lower Yough run(2 pages, click link @ bottom)
See the schematic River Map of the Lower Yough in Ohiopyle PA
Read a description of the Middle Yough run
See the schematic River Map of the Middle Yough in Ohiopyle Pa
See my Topo Map of the Lower and Middle Yough(1 Mb +)
See a small Topo Map of the Ohiopyle area
See another Topo Map of the Ohiopyle/Stewart Twshp area
See a Map of the Yough River Lake
See the Yough Trails from Rails page

See a kayaker getting a pop-up at Cucumber Rapid
See a group of Kayakers at the bottom of Cucumber Rapid
See a Gallery of Pix of Cucumber Rapid
See a gorgeous shot of Cucumber Falls from below
See another beautiful shot of Cucumber Falls in Ohiopyle State Park
A Gallery of Ohiopyle pix
Another Gallery of Ohiopyle pix (includes Dimple Rock)
Gallery of Ripboarding at Ohiopyle
See an old Postcard of the Yough River @ Indian Creek

See Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater near Ohiopyle PA
See the official Fallingwater webpage from the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
Read about and See more of Fallingwater near Ohiopyle PA
Read about and See Frank Lloyd Wright's Kentuck Knob near Ohiopyle

Read a P-G story on Jeff Snyder's Falls runs from 2001
Read a P-G story on 1999 Falls race
This story includes a pic of Jeff Snyder "striding" the Falls!
Read a P-G story - 180 boaters run Ohiopyle Falls 11/13/99
See a report with pix on the AWA Ohiopyle Falls Race & Freestyle
Read P-G Yough Sojourn Reports Page
Swimmers' Rapid

Swimmers surf back to camera  Swimmers surf facing camera


PG article on sale of Cheat Canyon to Allegheny Wood Products 5/29/03

PG article on potential sale of Cheat Canyon 3/23/03

May 5, 2001 --- Seventh Annual Cheat River Festival
2001 Cheat Canyon Downriver Race
Cheat River Canyon
Map of Cheat River Canyon area
Map of Cheat River Narrows area
Sixth Annual Cheat River Festival 2000 (Steckel)
Cheat River Massacre-ence May 5, 2000(
Fifth Annual Cheat River Festival 1999 (Steckel)
Fifth Annual Cheat River Festival 1999 (
[Fourth Annual] Cheat River Festival and Race
Cheat & Tygart area Picture Gallery
Healing the Headwaters - Conservation of Shavers Fork
Cheat River Watershed Aerial Survey

View of Big Splat from downriver


Article on Big Splat on the Big Sandy
Photo Album with Big Splat and Big Sandy Falls
Great pic of Big Splat run

Pillow Rock Rapid on the Upper Gauley


Lee Belknap's Article on Gauley River Safety - a MUST READ for Hardboaters
Photo Gallery of Pinning Spot at Initiation Rapid
2000 Gauley River Festival
2000 Gauley River Race
1999 Gauley River Festival
1999 Gauley River Race
1998 Gauley River Festival
1998 Gauley River Race
Look down at the Put-in from Summersville Dam
See a close-up of the outlet tubes of Summersville Dam
See a Map of Summersville Lake
Read theP-G story on 1st Gauley River run
Carnifex Ferry Battlefield State Park

US Rte. 19 Bridge


Bridge Day Info
2001 New River Gorge Bridge Day - CANCELLED
2000 New River Gorge Bridge Day Festival
1999 New River Gorge Bridge Day Festival
1998 New River Gorge Bridge Day Festival
See a nice photo of a parachutist below the New River Gorge Bridge
See a nice photo of the New River Gorge Bridge in winter
See the New River Gorge Bridge from below again
See a Geological Profile of the New River Gorge
Visit the New River Gorge National River
Read about the New River Gorge Bridge


Read descriptions of the Top Yough and Upper Yough (6 pages)
See the [Upper] Youghiogheny Scenic & Wild River  in Maryland
Read about and see Swallow Falls on the Top Yough
Swallow Falls State Park
See a photo of Swallow Falls in Maryland

Covered bridge over Slippery Rock Creek just below the Mill in McConnell's Mill State Park  View of Mill from River Right


See the official McConnell's Mill State Park Webpage
YahooSports McC Mill page
Fall 2002 Photo Gallery from
Butler County's McC Mill page with 3 pix
See my Topo Map of McConnell's Mill State Park
See a nice Kayaking Gallery from McC Mill SP
See another Gallery of McC Mill pix
Read a Report on Kayak Fatality near Harris Bridge in April 2001

Long view of Great Falls of the Potomac River


2001 Potomac River Festival is 6/1-3/01 - (not working)
Read about the Potomac Conservancy whose mission is to conserve and enhance the scenic, recreational, natural and historic qualities of the Potomac River and its landscape
See the official website of Great Falls Park
Read the NPS' About the Great Falls of the Potomac
See a photo of Great Falls of the Potomac
Read a Book Excerpt on the first Great Falls run
See a photo of Little Falls of the Potomac
Stephen A. Raia's Great Falls area gallery
See Paintings of GFP
See Kevin O'Brien's photo of a C1 ender on the Potomac
See Kevin O'Brien's photo of a Tandem Great Falls Spout Run
See Skip Brown's photo of Great Falls from water level
Read USA Today's Story on Great Falls
Read about a Death at Great Falls of the Potomac River 11/28/98

Oceana Rapid in the Tallulah Gorge


Ollie's Tallulah Gorge Page
John Bell's Tallulah Trip Page
Tallulah Gorge Gallery with picture of Oceana at low water
Ed Jackson's Tallulah Gorge Photo Gallery
Pat's Tallulah Gorge Photo Gallery
Allen Easler's Tallulah Page
AWA Tallulah Project Page with some good pix
Georgia Power's Tallulah Gorge State Park page with map
GA Mag's Tallulah Gorge State Park page with map
Another Tallulah Gorge State Park page
GA DNR page on Tallulah Gorge SP
Athens GA Article on Tallulah Gorge Releases

View of Downtown Pittsburgh from the West End Overlook on Light Up Night

Pittsburgh Time

Click for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Forecast     Click for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Forecast     Click for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Forecast


Pittsburgh International Airport
Interactive Pittsburgh Neighborhood Map

Pittsburgh Peregrine Falcons
Gulf Tower Video Page
Cathedral of Learning Video Page
C of L Refresh Image
New Gulf Tower Refresh Image
Kate St. John's Slide Show of 1st PEFA hatching at C of L 2011
Pgh P-G article on PEFAs - 6/13/05
Spring '03 Peregrine Drama at Gulf Tower (P-G)
2014 PEFA Gulf Tower Banding Day (5/20/14) Slideshow by Kate St. John

PF chicks @ Gulf Tower 5/3/05

Steelers' Stadium Page

Three Rivers Stadium Implosion on CNN (with video)
3 Rivers Kaboom Cam
Pittsburgh WebCam Links
Gallery of Pittsburgh Bridges
Pittsburgh Cultural District
High Water Records for the Ohio River (Emsworth Pool)

Pittburgh Jazz Live - TUES @ 5 PM (my page)
Pittsburgh Jazz Live International - June 3,4,5, 2011
Pittburgh Jazz Live Schedule - TUES @ 5 PM
Pittsburgh Jazz Society
Pittsburgh City Paper Music Events
MCG Jazz
Jazz Workshop
Pittsburgh Jazz Network

Lilly    Lilly in Pgh's 50 Finest from Pittsburgh Magazine    Abreu
Lilly's myspace page
Carinhoso Video by Lilly Abreu - Myspace Video

  Azorean Cafe in Bloomfield
Friday Dec 7th @ 7 PM
with Eric Susoeff-Guitar

  Diamante Trio with Lilly Abreu
Holiday Concert @ Central Presbyterian Church - Tarentum
Sunday Dec. 9th - 4 PM

Lilly's 2008 CD - 'Braileira' - Available on       See Lilly dance!       PWWO-WTG-CoverPic

From "Run (dont walk!) to buy the slyly titled CD, Plays Well With Others by White Tie Group, a trio of colleagues from the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra who also happen to be accomplished jazz musicians. The first track features Lilly Abreu singing a song in Portuguese, [Corcovado], that is drop-dead gorgeous. . . Cue up track #1 of Plays Well With Others for a no-worries start to an evening spent with someone special."

'Dindi' is my favorite Jobim tune . . . You Tube Video with Tom Jobim and Gal Costa performing live!

Dindi (Gal Costa and Tom Jobim Live) Lyrics

Bumper Sticker I saw on a car with OHIO plates in Downtown PGH!
Cleveland FalconCam

Storm's a comin'


Click for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Forecast

Weather Cams

UM Weather Map page
NWS HPC Forecast Map
PIT NWSFO - Pittsburgh Weather from NWS
Pittsburgh Forecast page from Intellicast

WSR-88D Radar FAQ's from NOAA SRH
Channel 4 Pinpoint Doppler Radar
Pittsburgh Doppler Radar from Intellicast
PBZ Base Reflectivity from
Pittsburgh Doppler Radar from
Pittsburgh Radar from Wunderground
Pittsburgh Regional Radarloop from Intellicast
Pittsburgh Base Reflectivity Loop from Intellicast
Pittsburgh Regional JavaLoop from Intellicast
Pittsburgh Regional Radar Summary from Intellicast
Northeast US Radar from Weather Underground
    Great Lakes Radar Loop from

GOES NrthHemsph IR 12hr Loop Unisys
US IR Satellite from Yahoo
Northeast US IR Satellite from Yahoo
East Central US IR Satellite from Yahoo
Pittsburgh Regional Satellite Loop from Intellicast
Regional VIS Floater Sat Image - DEAD
GOES NH IR 12Hr Loop from Unisys
GOES 12 NE US Enhanced IR 12Hr Loop from Unisys

USA Surface Analysis
USA Surface Analysis Loop
US Radar Options
US Current Radar
US Current RadarLoop
Yesterday's US RadarLoop
US Satellite Options
US IR Satellite View
US VIS Sat JavaLoop
US Water Vapor Sat JavaLoop
Eastern Regional IR SatJavaLoop

PA Hourly Weather (IWIN)
PA Climate Reports (IWIN)
3-day Observation History from KPIT
Pittsburgh, PA Surface Reports (METAR)
Real-Time Weather from WPXI-TV in Fineview
Pittsburgh Climatology Plots
500mB Upper Air Winds & Pressure Plot from OSU
500mB Upper Air Map from Unisys
NOAA 6-10 Day Prognostic Map
NOAA 8-14 Day Prognostic Map
NOAA GOES Browser Server
Interactive Weather Satellite Imagery Viewers from NASA GHCC
NWS Flood Outlook Products by Region
National Ice Center
USN Fleet Numerical Meterology and Oceanography Center
UW CIMSS CRAS 60Hr Java Loop
Meteorological Glossary


Rob's Tropical Weather Links


Eastern Region
Southern Region
Central Region
Western Region
Pacific Region
Alaska Region

Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument


Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam
Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam JavaLoop
Southwest Volcano Research Centre - Current Eruptions

Guagua Pichincha and Tungurahua Information Page
Guagua Pichincha and Tungurahua Satellite Imagery
Washington VAAC Volcanic Ash Advisory Statements


I regret to have to say that the W PA and WV Whitewater Gage Page from the Pittsburgh Hydrology office is now gone.

Table of River Data from Canoeing Guide to W PA
Ohio River Basin Stations -- USGS
Youghiogheny & Cheat Basin -- USACE
Tygart & Mon Basin -- USACE
Upper Allegheny Basin -- USACE
Lower Allegheny Basin -- USACE
Huntingdon WV USACE Current River and Lake Status
Pittsburgh PA NWSFO Hydrology Page
Charleston WV NWSFO Hydrology Page
Ohio River Gage at "The Point" in Pgh from NWS
Mon River Gage @ PSP in Pgh from USGS
Allegheny River - LD4 Gage @ Natrona
NOAA River Forecast Centers
Wild & Scenic Rivers
USGS Realtime Streamflow Data

See my Streamflow Page for direct links to state-by-state real-time streamflow data from the Eastern U.S.

See my Whitewater Rivers Page for direct links to 5 day current data for well-known whitewater rivers in the East

See for more rivers

See Boating Agenda 2001


ABA Bird of the Year

Ivory-billed Click on me to make me bigger Woodpecker

Nature Conservancy IBWO site
Cornell Lab of Ornithology IBWO site
Science Article on IBWO Rediscovery
Ulala IBWO Site with 1935 QT video
National Geographic IBWO article

In Search of the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker by Jerome A. Jackson
The Race to Save the Lord God Bird by Phillip Hoose
The Grail Bird: Hot on the Trail of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker by Tim Gallagher
The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker by James T. Tanner

Click on me to make me bigger

March '04 recapture of 'Old Mama' in the Clifton's Pocket Garden

A child who becomes acquainted with the birds about him
hears every sound and puzzles out its meaning with a cleverness
that amazes those with ears who hear not.
Neltje Blanchan [F.M. Doubleday]

Chee-dit My name is Gert Chee-dit


2002 and 2001 NYC Hummer PIX
Angelfire Mirror Site
Tripod Mirror Site
NYC CALLIOPE PIX from Ft. Tryon Park
John Hass' Birding Page with pix of NYC Calliopes
Linnaean Society What's New page with pix of NYC Calliopes
Hudson River Aud Soc pix from 12/2/01 - VERY SLOW LOADING!

Eastern PA Photo Gallery w Western Humpix

Hummer Anatomy

Chee-dit Chee-dit

Ruby-throated Hummer Profile - Birds of NA
Ruby-throated Hummer Profiile - Peterson Multimedia Guides
Ruby-throated Hummer Profile - Birdzilla
RTHU - Birdzilla - Bent Life History
RTHU - Life Histories of Familiar NA Birds - Bent Life History
RTHU Nest-building video by Scott Fraser

Internet Birding Community Video Site (HUMMERS!)
Lanny Chambers' Fabulous Hummer Site
Mike Pattersons' Spring Rufous Migration Map
Bob Sargent's Hummer/Bird Study Group
Bill Hilton's Operation Rubythroat
Paul Conover's Hummer ID Site
Stacy Peterson's Trochilids Web Page
Allen Chartier's Hummer Photos
Dave Patton's Winter Hummingbirds of SW Louisiana
Steve Backes' Florida Hummer Study Page
Marilu Bishop's Hummer Photos!
Panama Hummer Photos
North American (Male) Hummer Illustrations
Jorg Feldhusen's Hummer Page
Hummingbirds of the World Pix Sampler
Hummer Pix from World Bird Guide at
Font's Gallery of Hummers
World Birder Hummer Gallery
Ownby's Hummer Gallery
Softbills Hummer Gallery
Gallery of John Gould Hummer Prints
Hummer Article Links page

Doug Van Gausig's library of sounds including hummer vocalizations

Lang Elliot's NatureSound Studio page

Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Macaulay Library's Free Backyard Bird Sounds page
Pennsylvania Winter Hummers

Georgia Winter Hummingbird Report for 2001-2002
'99/'00 Histogram of Winter Western Hummers in Louisiana
'00/'01 Histogram of Winter Western Hummers in Louisiana
'01/'02 Histogram of Winter Western Hummers in Louisiana
'02/'03 Histogram of Winter Western Hummers in Louisiana
'03/'04 Histogram of Winter Western Hummers in Louisiana

Nancy Newfield Banding Session on Journey North
Journey North Spring This Year (2012) Hummer Updates
Journey North Spring 2012 animated RTHU map
Journey North Spring 2011 RTHU map
Journey North Spring 2011 Hummer Updates
Journey North Spring 2010 Hummer Updates
Journey North Spring 2009 Hummer Updates
Journey North Spring 2008 Hummer Updates
Journey North Spring 2007 Hummer Updates
Journey North Spring 2006 Hummer Updates
Journey North Spring 2005 Hummer Updates
Journey North Spring 2004 Hummer Updates
Journey North Spring 2003 Hummer Updates
Journey North Spring 2002 Hummer Updates
Journey North Spring 2001 Hummer Updates
Journey North Spring 2000 Hummer Updates
Journey North Spring 1999 Hummer Updates

Monteverde, Costa Rica Hummercam
James Reserve, California Hummercam

Bee Hummingbird in Cuba
Pic of hand-perched Jamaican Streamertail
Gallery of Finger-perched Hummer
Dorothy Edgington's Photo Series on a Hummer Nest
BreachedWail Humnest Diaries - NOW WITH VIDEO
Humnest Photo Series - Oso Flaco Dunes CA
Allen's Hummer Nest Photos - Feb/Mar 05
Barbara Becker's Hummer Nest Pix from 04 and 05
Doug Filler's Humnest Pix - Bowman's Hill Wildflower Preserve in PA
Anna's Nest photos with Video from Seattle
Mantis Catches Hummer Pix
Good Hummingbird Moth Site
Hummer Imposter article from MO Conservation
ABC News Hummer Article

Madera Canyon AZ 2010 Hummer Monitoring Schedule

HUMNET Intro Page

See the Summer '03 banding of Gerry's Hummers

Pix of Hummer Banding in Elkins WV area '05

The late Dr. Fernando Ortiz-Crespo

IN MEMORIAM - Dr. Fernando Ortiz-Crespo of Quito, Ecuador
who passed away September 12, 2001 in a boating accident on
Lake Micacocha on the Antisana (Volcano) Reserve in Ecuador

Adult Male Purple-throated Mountain-gem (Lampornis calolaema)
See David L'Hoste's Purple-throated Mountain-gem!


Hatchling Bald Eagle from Mass eagle nest in Connecticut River on 4/16/05 at 1 week of age.

CT River Eagle Cam in w MA - DOWN IN 2009

Norfolk Botanical Garden Bald Eagle Cam

Maine Coast Eagle Cam

Holtwood [PA] Dam Bald Eagle page

Golden Eagle Tracking from National Aviary

Ohio DNR Osprey (Alum Creek) Osprey Tracking

Want to check your watch? See the
The official U.S. Time - Eastern Zone Clock

Which Day-of-the-Week Were You Born?

See a World Time Zone Map

Astronomy Pic o' Day

OLD - Track the ISS from NASA

NEW - Track the ISS from NASA

Track the ISS from Heavens Above

Need a Conversion Table?

Play with the Lissajous Lab

PA Interactive County Map

Need an online Calculator?? This is mine.

Here's an advanced Scientific Calculator

A Great Color Lab

Book of the Dead

Alaska Aurora Cam

Satellite Location Pix from terraserver

Bird Banding Codes from PWRC/USGS

NA Bird Banding Codes by Alphabetical Common Name (pdf)

Six-letter Bird Codes

Jumble and Xword solver

News of the Weird

Project Nighthawk

Keyboard Shortcuts

Productivity Tips from

Global Incident Map

ZipSkinny - Census Data

Alt Codes


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Pittsburgh Penguins Schedule

~~~~~~~~ A New Element Discovered! ~~~~~~~~

A major research institution has recently announced the discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science. This new element has been tentatively named "Administratium."

Administratium has 1 neutron, 12 assistant neutrons, 75 deputy neutrons, and 111 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312. These 312 particles are held together by a force called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

Since Administratium has no electrons, it is inert. However, it can be detected as it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact. A minute amount of Administratium causes one reaction to take over four days to complete when it would normally take less than a second.

Administratium has a normal half-life of three years; it does not decay but instead undergoes reorganization. In fact, Administratium's mass will actually increase over time, since each reorganization causes some morons to become neutrons, forming isodopes. This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientists to speculate that Administratium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as "critical morass." You will know it when you see it...

Environment News Service

Excite Science News
Environment News Network
Science News Weekly Online
ScienceDaily News
Emazing Science & Technology News
MSNBC Science News


IN MEMORIAM -- 9/13/01

Listen to MY Launchcast Jazz Station banner with 'Alice' from the Houston Nature Center in MN

Spike - 'Elliptio dilatata'


RAR File Open Knife - Free Opener

Prostate Cancer Information

   On The Line
Us Too!
Dr. Charles "Snuffy" Myers Vlog
Dr. Israel Barken Vlog
Us Too Mailing Lists Etc.
Zero Cancer (formerly NPCC)
Prostate Cancer Foundation
The "New" Prostate Cancer Infolink
Medline Info on PrCa
Prostate Lab Education on PrCa


YOU TUBE Video Oldies JUKE BOX Section!

Jimmy Beaumont & The Skyliners - "This I Swear" from

Jimmy Beaumont & The Skyliners - "This I Swear" from

Skyliners - "This I Swear" and "Since I Don't Have You"
(Live Version from Doo Wop 50 - 1999) from

Margo Sylvia & The Tune Weavers - "Comeback to Me" from

George Goodman & The Headliners - "Let Me Love You" from
This song was written by one of my old guitar teachers, Ms. Genne Salo[vich]!

First Video - Val Records Label Only
Second Video - Lyrics
Third Video - Street Corner Radio Show

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